A modern boutique venture studio for ambitious founders to grow.

Ideas are a dime a dozen, execution is everything. Sometime experience can help guide you from dead-end to life. Are you a founder or talent looking for your next startup. Contact us.


We have the ideas, you have the talent! Thrilltap has a list of strong startup concepts ready to build out with the right team. 

Go-to-Market planning

Launching a new product or a completely new brand? We’ll help you develop a launch and 12 month plan to capture market share quickly.

TEAM STrategy & Recruiting

What is the perfect marketing and sales team? We’ll develop the correct hiring roadmap, introduce you to your first hires, and connect you with the best recruiters in the industry.

Marketing Technology

What is the perfect technology stack for an ecommerce startup? How about a SaaS business? We’ve been there, done that and will help you get going quick.



A charity focused coffee for runners training for major marathons like the Boston Marathon, Chicago Marathon, and New York City Marathon. 

supercharge your career, change your life

another network

Building your own power tribe is hard. You know you should but you put it off until the last minute. And then it’s too late. Fire up that network and get ahead of the pack again.

Looking for founding team members.

Your Marketing Team Has Arrived


The marketing world has changed, no longer is there a need to keep a large marketing team on staff when the best and brightest have moved into the gig-economy. OUTSERVICE combines AI & outsourced services to help execute any campaign, anytime.

Looking for founding team members.

Next Generation Digital FRIENDS


Artificial intelligence is powering a entirely new paradigm of interaction with technology and each other. At a very early stage, this startup will bring fun into the growing field.

Are you an expert in AI/ML? Interested marketing professional? Reach out to get involved.


Startup & Technology Veteran

A former executive of Amazon, Fuze, Blink and CMO for numerous technology startups, David Laubner is actively seeking leaders to build the next generation of unicorns.

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